Neato Stuff

for kid

You design it, they create it. Quality products made by knitters in Kenya. A thoughtful gift made with heart. We love it.

Little eyes need protecting too. And to look super cool.

Aug 8 11
for $20 to $50,kid

A high tech shirt for your little techy.

Apr 4 11
for $20 to $50,kid

Less bulky than the real thing, a bit more comfy too.

Mar 7 11
for $20 to $50,kid

An imaginative gift for your creative girl. She can be anything she can dream.

Feb 23 11
for kid,less than $20

The next best thing to running around bare foot.

Feb 17 11
for $50 to $100,kid

Bath time just got a lot cuter.

Feb 9 11
for $50 to $100,kid

See the world from their perspective. Let their creativity surprise you.

Your space ranger can carry toys and other inter-planetary essentials in style.

Yes they are expensive, but the delight in her eyes makes it worth it.

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Create coasters, animals, anything you can imagine.

Another fun movie from R.L. Stine’s book series, Goosebumps. Pop some corn and have a fun family movie night.