Neato Stuff

High quality beef, turkey, ostrich or even salmon jerky! Tastes fresh and full of flavor. Black Pepper Beef was my favorite, but you’ll have to try them all.

NeatoStuff - Tested and Guaranteed to Contain 100% NeatoStuff

A sample of this product has been personally tested by our NeatoStuff staff and has earned the NeatoStuff quality seal of approval.


[…] reviewed our jerky and featured us on their site. A sample of our gourmet jerky was personally tested by NeatoStuff staff and has earned the NeatoStuff quality seal of […]

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A quality intervelometer that works with most SLR Canon camera’s. Easy to use, great results, great control.

Charge your iPhone overnight in style with this retro dock. more

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Plug your guitar or bass into your iPhone for amazing fun. Works great for rehearsal and on stage. more

You design it, they create it. Quality products made by knitters in Kenya. A thoughtful gift made with heart. We love it.

Two words. Super. Cute.

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Little eyes need protecting too. And to look super cool.

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Hand knit cuteness.

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Only the coolest bag for your cool new gadget.

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Energy without the crash at the end. Tastes great and is easy on the stomach.