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Our fabulous contest sponsor this week is Pickled Tink! They are offering a custom two charm necklace. Pickled Tink features unique charms that let you choose the colors and the words to create a one of a kind necklace. Neato!

**To enter click on the picture to go to Tickled-pink and look at their shop now. Tell us what word you would pick from their choices for one of your necklace charms.***

Dec 2 08 by amy
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I would choose the letters A & S for my daughters who’s initials are both AS thanks!

Heather Dec 5 08


I’d pick either love or two charms with my childrens’ initials. Thanks!
musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

Megret Dec 6 08


I would choose Hope because I like things that will inspire.

Stacie Dec 6 08


I would probably choose, “peace.” Thanks!

LisaW Dec 6 08


JOY would be my choice, my life is a joy!

Elsie Dec 6 08


I would choose Rock Star…because my BF is:)

crystal Dec 6 08


I would pick Mommy of course!

Gina Dec 6 08


I would choose ‘blessed’ because I’m blessed to be a mommy, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. Thank you for the giveaway!

Cee Dec 6 08


I would choosethe necklace with a Mommy charm in blue and chocolate.

Mudpies And Mary Janes Dec 6 08


I would choose BELOVED from the AMAZING PICKLED TINK! : )))

Leah Dec 6 08


I think I would have the word “peace” put on it

Kristine Michelle Dec 7 08


I would choose the word faith, and give the necklace to my mom, who has more Faith than anyone else I know.

April T. Dec 7 08


I would want my chil’s initials

shari m Dec 7 08



Brooke Dec 7 08


I’d get hubby’s name on 1 charm @ my son’s on the other.

MJ Dec 7 08


I would have Kayden’s name put on it 🙂

Marcy Dec 7 08


I would ideally like to put my 2 boys initials on the charms, but out of her words I would choose “rock star” 🙂

Mom to G & C Dec 7 08


I really like my girl. What a cute saying!

Marissa k. Dec 7 08


My favorite is the word “love” and then I would like to put my two daughters’ initials on there too somewhere. Thanks!

xenia Dec 7 08


I would pick “blessed” because I feel very blessed. Thanks so much!

Becky Dec 7 08


“Lucky” I think we all need to remind ourselves of the things that are positive in our lives.

marybeth i Dec 7 08

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