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*Sephora Contest Winner #122 Tammy..Congratulations! Happy Shopping!*
If your car is like mine it gets messy from the little hands in the back seat! The perfect solution is this fun and fabulous car auto liter bag. Made of STIFF lined decorator fabrics and it features an inside stiff receptacle for your trash. We use ours all the time. It is Neato! Retail value $18.00

*To enter simply click on the photo and go to Howard Avenue and tell us what your favorite auto liter bag is in the comment field! These are a must have..I do not know how I lived without mine! Good luck!**

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I’d have to go with the Boston Red Sox bag. GO SOX!! 😀

Jen Latini Dec 8 08


I like the slate morning glory.

Courtney Dec 8 08


turquoise geometric is my pick- neat idea!

tracy Dec 8 08


I love the Black and White Dots

Shelly Dec 8 08


I love the Cherries galore. I love red and cherries. Plus it would go with the colors of my truck. 🙂 (And match my flames on my truck)

Kay Dec 8 08


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pink Yui Kokeshi. I am just so drawn to this fabric!!

Brenda J. Dec 8 08


Jungle Fever is really cute.! I just love it! Thank you!

judy brittle Dec 8 08


I really like the Babydoll Floral bag. Very vintage looking!

Kelly F Dec 9 08


Wow that is very useful!! It was hard to pick from. I like the Cherries, Brown Turquoise mod and the Black/white Dots!!

Cindy Dec 9 08


I need one of these!! I love the Car Litter, Auto Trash – Turquoise Brown Maze. Great giveaway!

Stacie Dec 9 08


I have one with chickens and love it like I do all of them.I would love to see a Steeler bag done.I guess you could say they are all my favorites.

Tinker Dec 9 08


My favorite is the Black Yui Kokeshi.

=D melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Melanie Dec 9 08


Love the Pink Yui Kokeshi! Fabulous!

amy Dec 9 08


The “Boston Red Sox” is my favorite. My son adores the Sox. Thanks, Cindi

Cindi Dec 9 08


I love the slate morning glory – l love the idea and the various fabrics.

Heather Dec 9 08


Retro Pink – it’s awesome!

Kim Dec 9 08


I love the morning glory or mod flowers – really cool item! I hadn’t ever seen these before!

Devan Dec 9 08


Wow, I absolutely LOVE the Brown and Turquoise Mod Flowers bag!

Kim Ferrugia Dec 9 08


Retro Pink and Sputnik Blue are cool! What a cute idea! Dec 10 08


Definitely the lime flowers bag is my favorite!

Mary Ellen Dec 10 08


I like the Pink Yui Kokeshi ~CUTE!

Sandra Dec 10 08


I love this and the wedding pillows!
These bags are very useful, good idea!

Elizabeth Dec 10 08


I like the Mod Floral one best!

Jen M. Dec 10 08


I love this design. It would definitely brighten up the black interior of my car.

Crystal Dec 10 08


Car litter, Auto trash – Boston Red Sox my husband is a huge fan

Vickie Couturier Dec 10 08


Love, Love, Love HowardAvenue! 🙂 My fav design is the brown & turquoise mod flowers.

Lorraine Dec 10 08


hmmm….either the Red Sox or the black & white dots. these are such a great idea!

Erin Harris Singer Dec 10 08


My fave is the Turquoise Brown Maze 🙂 Very cool!

Shelley Dec 11 08


I love the Brown and Rust Floral the best. I know my daughter will love these for her car.

Zeba Dec 11 08


I love the Retro Pink, but they are all awesome! 🙂 Very neat idea and a cute way to have a spot for trash in your car instead of just using a random store bag.

Lisa Dec 11 08


These are awesome! : ))) Love the Jungle Fever Auto Trash Bag!!! : )))

Thanks so much for this give~away! : )))


Leah Dec 11 08


I love the Pink Yui Kokeshi!

Samantha Dec 12 08


Love the retro pink. I need this!

Rachel Dec 12 08


Love the team ones. I am such a huge sports fan!

Deb Dec 12 08


I love the pattern on Slate Morning Glory one, I could really use one of those carbage bags, my car needs that for sure! 😉

derya Dec 12 08


They are all just too cute, but I would go with the slate morning glory I think!

Tammy Dec 13 08


I love the print in the picture. Too cute!

Christine Dec 13 08


I really like the pink yui kokeshi!

Julia Dec 13 08

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