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*Last week’s Pickled-Tink contest winner is #62 April T. Congratulations!* Enter to win Little Ruffy Poppy earrings from Jewelera! These little gems are hot lipstick red. The black seeds are sprucing from the poppies, made with antiqued (oxidized) sterling silver. Truly Unique! $25.00 value

*To enter to win simply click on the picture and visit Jewelera’s site. Tell us what you love from her store in the comment field. Good luck!*

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So many unique items! I love the ruffle brooch, the carnnival earrings and the unisex cuff/belt.

Jen Latini Dec 8 08


I love the neat necklaces – waves, heat waves, and rose bouquet. Fun earrings too. Love the poppies!

Courtney Dec 8 08


Oh my goodness- I love the Ice Tree necklace:
So sweet!

tracy Dec 8 08


I like the Leafy gems.. Earrings..Pink..

Shelly Dec 8 08


I love the Hand Painting on Agate Slice Pendant. I’ve used agates some in my glass work and that is gorgeous.

Kay Dec 8 08


I just love the Mss Bow .. Earrings. Those are just so cute! Thank you!

judy brittle Dec 8 08


I like the Deep….Handcarved Shell and sterling silver necklace.
Thank you!

Andreah Dec 8 08


Wow, there are so many beautiful things to choose from. I really like the Red Bouquet Necklace. So unique!

Kelly F Dec 9 08


I love the Lived… Earrings. Thank you!

Stacie Dec 9 08


Leaves Around The Bubble necklace is very cool, but the poppies are my fave earrings.

Lonnie Dec 9 08


The “Sea Leaves” Necklace is stunning.
Very nice jewelry piece! Thanks, Cindi

Cindi Dec 9 08


One of each, please…

elsie Dec 10 08


I love your shop! My favorite items are Key to My Heart and Leafy Gems earrings. Beautiful work!!!!

Risa Dec 10 08


Oh my, I’m glad I looked. Lovely store! My favorite is a tie between the Key to my Heart earrings and these!

Sandra Dec 10 08


I love the Nature in her designs! She feature fruits, leaves, flowers, branches and birds in her jewelry and I love that!

Elizabeth Dec 10 08


Such unique items!! Love it!

Sue Dec 10 08


I love her copper hoops and can we please talk about her packaging? GORGEOUS!

Katherine Dec 10 08


My favorite would have to be Poudre… Hand carved shell flowers and Sterling Silver… I would wear those any day!

Lara Dec 10 08


Great unique items made with vintage recycled stuff!!

Ramona Dec 10 08


The It Is Laundry Day At The River is sooo unique and awesome..Love it:)

crystal Dec 10 08


I love the Love Me More necklace! Asymmetrical is the best!!

Lynn Dec 10 08


Love everything! Do I have to pick just one thing?

Katie Dec 11 08


The poppy earrings are my favorite!

Julia Dec 11 08


The bubble necklace. Thanks for the opportunity!

Chrissy Dec 11 08


I like the key to my heart earrings. Unique!

Kayla Dec 11 08


The Bubble Tree Pendant is fabulous! It reminds me of the beaded garland that my husband used on the structure he build for our engagement.

kaite Dec 12 08


Harlequin Earrings. So unique!

JulieJ Dec 12 08


Everything is so unique it is hard to choose:)

Samantha Dec 12 08


Wow! Everything is so vintage chic!

Rachel Dec 12 08


lots of cute things to choose from, but I’d have to say the iuce necklace is my fav!

Tammy Dec 13 08


Wow! I am really drawn to those poppy earrings

Christine Dec 13 08


Everything is so unique..

Julia Dec 13 08


Ohhhh fun! I’ve been a fan of Jewelera’s for quite some time! My current favourite are these Birds and Twigs earrings:

So cute! 🙂

Smeeta Dec 14 08


The Tutorial Flower Bouquet Necklace is unique, sexy and eye catching. And, that is what we all want isn’t it…to catch that someone’s eye….

Sue S. Dec 27 08


I have never seen your shop before. I saw a post you made in the forums and went to take a peek. My first impression was…well lets just say I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Your jewellery is so uniquely stunning! One thing I like is that you have a wide variety of styles and yet they all flow together. Your shop is presented in a professional manner, and it’s obvious your items are high quality. I hearted you so I can remember to stop back again.



Patricia Feb 15 09

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