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Book Swim is the coolest thing for book lovers, who do not want to deal with the library and late fees (I can never get anything back on time). This is the NetFlix of books.

Win a 3 month membership by clicking through the site and having a look at their sel

Jan 12 09 by amy
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I love this idea! I would actually use this far more often then netflix. when i rent movies the mr always falls asleep. this way I can read during my own time! and only $9.95 a month isn’t bad at all.

karissa Jan 12 09


Love this site. So Neato!

Kelli Jan 12 09


Cool idea!

Julie Jan 12 09


I hate trying to remember returning books and I love true crimes.

Samantha Jan 12 09


The host looks like a cool book:)

Cindy Jan 12 09


This would be a great way to read some good books.

judy brittle Jan 22 09


This is such a great idea. I am so inconsistent with returning my library books (which is bad considering I used to work at a library). They have an excellent variety of choices for anyone.

Kelly F Apr 6 09

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