Neato Stuff

We adore this pb and j pillows designed by Diffraction Fiber! Yummy smooth peanut butter compliments the front of one white pillow while sweet jelly is spread on the other. Truly delicious!


Okay,these are too cute!

Jen May 6 09


I just LOVE these, how hilarious!!

Kim May 10 09



MagnetGames May 12 09

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Classy and comfortable.

Here’s an excuse to buy more wine. You must keep this awesome rack full.

Jun 23 17
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Kisses for everyone. Beautifully simple earrings.

Jun 22 17
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So soft and comfy you’ll wish they came in adult sizes.

Jun 15 17
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Dress them up or down, you’ll be comfy 100% of the time.

Jun 14 17
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Looking for a cozier hoodie? Look no further. You’re welcome.

Jun 13 17
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Game night while on the road. Deal me in.

Jun 13 17
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Your toolbox, now in travel size.

Jun 12 17
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Fashion as easy as a breezy walk in the park.

Jun 12 17
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