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Aug 9 09 by amy
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Unfortunately, it is out of stock, but one of my favorite items on modcloth is the “well presented” dress.

Lisa Aug 12 09


My favorite is the Bourbon Street Ankle Boots

Huguette E. Aug 12 09


I’m loving the Long Island dress; it makes me want to sip on ice-tea on a porch in the sunshine!

Sabrina M. Aug 12 09


I really dig the Meet Me In St. Louis Dress, and The Maraschino Dress, and all of them, really. What a great shop!

Spoodles Aug 12 09


love the Dust your shoulders shirt!!

linda Aug 12 09


I “heart” their GRECIAN GREEN DRESS. Sooo cute !!

Ash Aug 12 09


I dig the ship shape tote!

dreamer Aug 13 09


I think that the Sunroom Dress is the absolutely cutest thing ever!

Ice Pixy Jewels Aug 13 09


Cobalt Carryall would be my pick,I need a new purse badly

vickie couturier Aug 14 09


I follow on twitter an tweeted;vickiecouturier #1

vickie couturier Aug 14 09


I follow on twitter an tweeted;vickiecouturier #2

vickie couturier Aug 14 09


I follow on twitter an tweeted;vickiecouturier #3

vickie couturier Aug 14 09


I follow on twitter an tweeted;vickiecouturier #4

vickie couturier Aug 14 09


I follow on twitter an tweeted;vickiecouturier # 5

vickie couturier Aug 14 09


I like the Study Abroad Coat

Miranda E Aug 14 09


How to make an american dress, dress, I love it!

Rachel H Aug 14 09


The “Braid Marion” bracelet is casual just like me.

Micki Aug 14 09


Hello! I adore the “Escapade Dress!”
A basic black dress with flair!
Many thanks, Cindi

Cindi Aug 14 09


I am an email subscriber to your site!
Thanks so much…..Cindi

Cindi Aug 14 09


I love the Toulouse Lau-Wedges! 🙂

Nuri Aug 14 09


I love the Every day chic dress in violet!

Michelle L Aug 14 09


Signed up for your newsletter! Thanks

Michelle L Aug 14 09


Cute stuff! I really like the L.A. Lacer Top. Thanks!

xenia Aug 15 09


I love the Giverny Tunic!

Apple Aug 15 09


love the long island dress!

j Aug 15 09


Can I say I love everything? Very cool site. Thanks for the contest!

Tiff Aug 15 09


Too many great things to list just 1, but if I must..the Caprese Dress is FABULOUS!

SamanthaJ Aug 15 09


I love the Geeky Dreamboats book! So cute! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

Courtney Aug 15 09


I love modcloth! One of my favourites is the Bibliophile heels – I love how they name their items!

jessicarachael Aug 15 09


Ilove the lots of love tights and the plaid pose dress even thoug it’s sadly out of stock

VenusA Aug 17 09


i adore ModCloth! It’s so hard to pick just one item as my favorite, but I’ve been coveting the Fire and Raincoat in their New Arrivals section. Just beautiful.

angela Aug 18 09


I love Mod Cloth. I love almost everything on the site but right now my favorite is the Floral Shop Dress in Peony.

Rebecca Aug 20 09


Mod Cloth is the best!! I LOVE so many things. Was VERY HARD TO PICK JUST ONE FAVORITE!! I would use that 50$ up and prolly spend a whole lot more (hope i win…lol)
My Favorite item is the Panda Bento Box.

Dana DiNoto Aug 22 09


The Blarney Stone dress is so cute, and you could easily wear it year-round by pairing it with tights, boots, and a cropped jacket.

Laura Aug 23 09

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