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Have a baby that is in need of a little something extra on top? Then Baby Toupee is the perfect fit for your sweetie pie. Designed to look like the ever popular Donald Trump, Bob Marley, Little Kim and more. So cute and totally silly at the same time.

Jul 17 09 by amy
for $20 to $50, baby, cost

Love this!!! LOL

Char Mar 10 09


Bob is my favorite!

Tiffany Mar 10 09



chris Mar 16 09


Love this! So cute!

Kelly Jul 18 09

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more for $20 to $50

A subtle hat tip to some pretty amazing creatures.

Jul 27 17
for $20 to $50,him

It’s ok if this little shark wants to snuggle.

Jul 27 17
for $20 to $50,baby

You’ll never find a cuter shark.

Jul 26 17
for $20 to $50,kid

It’s too hard to pick our favorite shark. They are all pretty awesome.

Jul 26 17
for $20 to $50,him

Shark are pretty amazing creatures and we should aim to protect them. 50% of the profits go towards ocean conservation efforts.

Jul 25 17
for $20 to $50,her

Helping in the kitchen just got a lot more fun. Treats made epic.

Jul 25 17
for $20 to $50,kid

You’re gonna need a bigger bed.

Jul 24 17
for $20 to $50,kid

Beautifully hand lettered sign. Amazing attention to detail.

Jul 18 17
for $20 to $50,handmade,him

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