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Wonderful gameplay and subway-inspired graphics combine to make building your “mini” metro epic fun.

All the convenience and awesomeness of the original iRig, with about 10 times the quality. more

Need to send an email newsletter? Simple, professional and a pleasure to use. Nice work Sendy.

This great iOS game just got an upgrade and is on sale now for $1. Simple and fun.

High quality condenser mic for your iPhone or iPad–includes a free vocal recording app with effects. more

If you’re a fan of Eric Carle, you’ll love having his illustrations in this simple game.

Mar 25 11
for apps,kid,less than $20

Speak one language and let your iPhone speak another. The closest thing to a babel fish you’ll find in this galaxy.

Mar 25 11
for apps,him,less than $20

A terrific pictionary-like game for your iPhone or iPad. Fun.

Amazing instruments, surprising mixing prowess. A must have for your iPad.

Mar 24 11
for apps,him,less than $20