Neato Stuff

for ring

A unique and beautiful gift for your wedding day, or just because.

May 1 17
for $100 to $500,her

Could be an amazing engagement ring.

Apr 4 11
for $100 to $500,her

Cocktail in hand and suddenly you spot the hor’dourves. What’s a hungry girl to do? more

Oct 1 09
for cost,her,less than $20

A modern twist on a classic idea. One of the most unique pieces I have seen. A fantastic gift idea for anyone. Go buy a few.

While you could always go with the classic, this ivory alternative is way more affordable and a lot of fun.

Apr 22 08
for her,less than $20

Choose your own message to personalize this set of 3 stackable handmade rings. Made with recycled metal.

Apr 9 08
for $20 to $50,her

Simple elegance. Call to order, it’s worth it.

Nov 27 07
for $50 to $100,her

So he’ll always know the way home.

Nov 24 07
for $50 to $100,him