Neato Stuff

for running

Energy without the crash at the end. Tastes great and is easy on the stomach.

Just because you’re a mother doesn’t mean you can’t have attitude.

Mar 11 11
for $20 to $50,her,jogging

Anyone can run. You can sparkle.

Go ahead and brag about it. You earned it.

Mar 7 11
for $50 to $100,handmade,her

Comfortable enough to lounge, run or anything in between. Our favorite.

Run knowing help is only a phone call away, and the number is right on your wrist.

Feb 15 11
for him,jogging,less than $20


Feb 15 11
for $20 to $50,her

Run for a reason. 50% of the profits of this shirt will go to a child in Uganda, Ethiopia, Honduras, China, or Haiti.

Jan 31 11
for $20 to $50,him,jogging

It really doesn’t bounce as you run. Holds keys, money, your phone and gel blocks. No excuses. Get up and run.

The perfect book for the runner in your life. Warning–after reading they may try to run insane distances on a whim.

Total support without the bulk. Works great for walkers and runners.

Talk about support! These insoles hug your feet like your Mama did when you skinned your knee. Great for serious running.

Remember the feeling of running barefoot as a child, fast & light as a feather? Newton brings back that feeling. You’ll get hooked. more

Run with confidence knowing your Nike+ chip will not fly out of your shoe. Don’t lose that record breaking run.

Protect your feet from the daily abuse inside your running shoes. Smells good too.

An excellent idea for any athlete. Be prepared for any blister, splinter, cut, headache or muscle strain with this handy medical bag.

A convenient pocket for the back of your hand. You’ll be surprised at how much it can securely carry while you run.

They make you feel fast. Buy a pair or two at this great price and you may just improve your time.

A rear view mirror for your sunglasses. Miraculously see behind you whether you’re jogging or riding your bike. Tiny and cool.

Monitor your heart rate while you work out in style. The heart rate monitor fits very comfortably inside the racer tank. No more tight straps and wires.

Aug 20 08
for $50 to $100,her

The search is over. Running shorts for those who don’t like running shorts. Keeps you covered and cool.

May 14 08
for $20 to $50,her