Neato Stuff

for electronics

You may have tried a cheaper USB hub, but you can’t find a better one. Fast and reliable USB goodness.

The most fun you’ve ever had popping balloons, smashing plates & tossing rings around aliens.

It is so much fun you don’t care that you look like an idiot.

Reach for the stars! Explore the night’s lights with this incredibly cool multimedia device. Simply point it at the star or constellation of interest, and learn! Very cool. more

These little gems fit over your ipod earbuds to vastly improve the comfort and even the sound. Worthwhile.

In a word, “Awesome”. You won’t believe how much gunk comes off your guitar strings! Plus, it’s fun to say.

Motorola delivers crisp communication again with these compact and feature packed two-way radios. All the quality you’d expect from a Motorola, at a convenient price. more

Use the book and the included kit to build simple circuits and learn about electricity. Learning is fun again.

Aug 25 08
for $20 to $50,kid

Thinking about a new laptop? Consider a Samsung SSD (hard drive) for the ultimate in compact, silent storage goodness. Very impressive.

Aug 21 08
for him,more than $500

Simply amazing. A 2GB SD stick for your camera with built-in wireless networking. Instantly upload your snaps to flickr, iphoto or your computer. Forget the wires!

Aug 12 08
for $100 to $500,him

Got a bad connection? This contact cleaner will restore a clean connection for just about any wire. Removes oxidation quickly and easily.

Aug 11 08
for him,less than $20

Your sprinkers + your computer = smarter watering. Save both water and time with this wireless controller that actually knows the weather! Very smart.

Jul 29 08
for $100 to $500,him