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Turn any wall into a storage goldmine with these easy to install kits. Trust me when I tell you that these heavy duty units are about 1000 times better than the pegboard alternative.

The starter kit we tested provides an impressive 30+ square feet of wall storage. And the kit is all inclusive–down to color matching screws (the little details always impress.) A welcome alternative to the flimsy options available at your local home improvement center and worth every dollar.

NeatoStuff - Tested and Guaranteed to Contain 100% NeatoStuff

A sample of this product has been personally tested by our NeatoStuff staff and has earned the NeatoStuff quality seal of approval.


I purchased storeWALL for my husband a month ago, and he absolutely loves it! He has space for his “stuff”, and I can park my car without banging into things.

Maybe I’ll get some more so he can park his car in the garage too! 🙂

Lynne Sep 22 08


[…] has also recently been featured on and the editor absolutely loved the product.  In you have a few seconds, check out the site and […]

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