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Wake up with beer! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful start to your day? But hey, you live the Monday through Friday grind and that is just not a reality! Well lucky guy we have found quite possibly the next best thing.. Beer Soap! Yes, you heard right, Beer Soap! Made with beer from a local St. Louis Brewery (how cool is that?) comes this unscented cold process soap (yes unscented, we know you were thinking hmm… I do not want to smell like a brewery!). Go ahead grab a beer and kick start your day!

Oct 14 08 by amy
for him, less than $20

Sounds fun! I am definitely going to the site to book mark it for Christmas! Great stocking stuffer idea.

Elizabeth Oct 14 08



Kelly Oct 14 08


congrats on the feature a Breath of French Air.

craftsfromtheheart Oct 15 08

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A subtle hat tip to some pretty amazing creatures.

Jul 27 17
for $20 to $50,him

It’s too hard to pick our favorite shark. They are all pretty awesome.

Jul 26 17
for $20 to $50,him

It may not be safe to go back in the water.

Jul 25 17
for him,less than $20

Enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. And scare off all the children.

Jul 24 17
for him,less than $20

Beautifully hand lettered sign. Amazing attention to detail.

Jul 18 17
for $20 to $50,handmade,him

Classy and comfortable.

Bring a little change to your decor. A charming accent to any room.

Jul 14 17
for him,less than $20

Don’t get caught with a flat. Always be prepared.

Jul 13 17
for him,less than $20

Here’s an excuse to buy more wine. You must keep this awesome rack full.

Jun 23 17
for $50 to $100,him