Neato Stuff

for bath

Gentle cleaning for your baby’s delicate skin. Your sweet baby deserves the best.

May 31 17
for baby,less than $20

Tooth brushing just became a game.

Feb 25 11
for $20 to $50,kid

Bath time just got a lot cuter.

Feb 9 11
for $50 to $100,kid

If nothing else it will look cool in his bathroom.

Feb 1 11
for him,less than $20

Kids don’t always love to get clean, but they will with these fun Circus Peanut soaps by LoveLeeSoaps! Scented more

May 15 09
for cost,kid,less than $20

When it comes to body products, Caldrea is more

You will never get them out of the towel and into bed…trust me! Bath time is just too fun.

Tea time now has a whole new meaning. Take some time for yourself and enjoy a wonderful, therapeutic soak in the tub.

Aug 21 08
for $50 to $100,her

Taking a bath has never been so fun. It’s soap, it’s a toy, it even has a nail brush built in. Genius!

Aug 7 08
for kid,less than $20

Smells good enough to eat. Makes your hands so soft. Love it.

Jul 3 08
for her,less than $20

Watch out loofah, this handmade cotton scrubby has you beat. Soft, washable and gentle on your skin.

Jun 4 08
for handmade,her,less than $20