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for jewelry

This beautiful piece is handmade by a survivor of modern day slavery. Shop with purpose.

Apr 25 17
for $20 to $50,handmade,her

The dots and dashes say it all. Love.

These earrings will give you super powers. Plus, they look stunning.

Apr 28 11
for her,less than $20

Add some pizazz to your work clothes, or some drama to your evening attire.

Apr 12 11
for $100 to $500,her

Could be an amazing engagement ring.

Apr 4 11
for $100 to $500,her

Go ahead and brag about it. You earned it.

Mar 7 11
for $50 to $100,handmade,her

Add an extravagant accessory to your wardrobe. Sure to spice up any look.

Mar 1 11
for $100 to $500,her

We’ve seen awesome stamped necklaces before, but these are over the moon.

Feb 28 11
for $50 to $100,handmade,her

Jewelry or art. I can’t decide. Simply beautiful.

Feb 23 11
for $20 to $50,handmade,her

Gorgeous, delicate pendant. Definite conversation piece.

Feb 16 11
for $50 to $100,handmade,her

Love this.

Feb 14 11
for $20 to $50,handmade,her

Simple. Lovely. Charming.

Feb 9 11
for $20 to $50,her

Do it yourself jewelry kit. A wearable piece of art. Craft time for grown-ups.

Feb 2 11
for $20 to $50,handmade,her

An elegant piece suitable for the everyday or a special occasion.

You will be the envy of your friends. Lovely hoops for a lovely woman.

Jan 28 11
for $20 to $50,her

Handmade by survivors of human trafficking. A beautiful purchase with purpose.

Inspired by the sea this beachy chic bracelet by Cape Cod Cupboard is one of our favorite finds! From its vintage more

Jul 8 09
for $20 to $50,cost,her

Aqua and white sea glass are encased in these cool silver plated spheres, giving you a more

May 11 09
for cost,her,less than $20

Get lost in a carribean of color with this stunning necklace. The details more

Feb 27 09
for $100 to $500,cost,her

So you’ve been naughty, or maybe just extra nice! This necklace will definitely keep them guessing. We adore this vintage inspired key charm paired more

Oct 10 08
for her,less than $20

A modern twist on a classic idea. One of the most unique pieces I have seen. A fantastic gift idea for anyone. Go buy a few.