Neato Stuff

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An excellent way to teach Spanish to anyone, young or old. Entertaining, fun and educational. The kids loved it.

Our kids had a fun time with this compilation of fun stories, featuring Thomas, Bob the Builder, Kipper and others. They said, “That was fun!”

Another fun movie from R.L. Stine’s book series, Goosebumps. Pop some corn and have a fun family movie night.

A fun movie for kids ages 7-10. Our reviewer said, “I liked The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight. It was great and it gave me goosebumps!”

“It is a very interesting, & exciting movie. I like the stories.” The 6 year old is a very happy fan.

Our 3 year old reviewer gave Thomas’ High Speed Adventures two thumbs up. He said “Mommy, Thomas’ mouth moves!”

A fun loving story that will make you love your super bad dog…even when he eats your favorite shoes!

Frances, the timeless classic, is a wonderful addition to any library and more

Kids love this DVD, and absorb the pro-eye-patch message. Great for their little self-image while they work to heal an eye.

Help kids learn about their 5 senses with this Braincandy DVD series. Our kids just love the giant eye puppets!

Jul 22 08
for baby,kid,less than $20

You’ll have to excuse me if I only list Mythbusters products for the next 5 days. My favorite show now on DVD.

Apr 17 08
for him,less than $20

Hello, my name is…

Jan 24 08
for him,less than $20

Turns your $3000 tv into a very large mood ring. Use this DVD to set the mood at your next party.

Dec 10 07
for $20 to $50,her

Transfer those old VHS tapes and shows to DVD with this bargain priced recorder.

Dec 5 07
for $50 to $100,him

Standing Up: It’s laugh like a girl, pee your pants kind of funny. Click for a sample.

Nov 29 07
for him,less than $20