Neato Stuff

for perpetual kid

Pull this Table out at any birthday and show them who is boss. Made to be toothy to cut more

Oct 8 09
for cost,home,less than $20

Looking for a perfect way to save their coins? Just arriving at Perpetual kid is more

Sep 30 09
for cost,home,less than $20

Everyone loves shoes! There is just something about a great shoe more

Sep 25 09
for $20 to $50,cost,her

Need to remember a few things at the grocery store, but know you will forget? Try these more

Sep 21 09
for cost,home,less than $20

We love origami..It reminds us of those little notes we used to make in class when we more

Sep 14 09
for cost,home,less than $20

We hate to pick favorites, but this store is definitely one of them. Not only do they have NeatoStuff they are also having a huge sale! Don’t miss it!

Jul 12 09
for news

Your kid’s fingerprints are one of a kind, so why not let them create colorful works of art more

Apr 29 09
for cost,kid,less than $20

Having trouble getting your kids to eat? Give them something to play with more

Mar 4 09
for cost,kid,less than $20

Create secret message that are invisible to the naked eye. Shine the ultra violet light more

Feb 23 09
for cost,him,less than $20

Well okay not 99, but this huge glass holds 5 bottles of beer! The ultimate more

Dec 5 08
for cost,less than $20

Replace all your old fridge magnets with these stuck up chewing more

Nov 20 08
for cost,her,less than $20

Okay, we don’t sit around here at NeatoStuff making little voodoo dolls of more

Nov 17 08
for $50 to $100,cost,her