Neato Stuff

for light

Read all night if you wish, without keeping anyone else awake.

Jun 15 17
for $20 to $50,him

The sleekest looking torch around.

Apr 18 17
for him,less than $20

We love this fun pirate lamp by Winborg Sisters Design. A grea more

May 20 09
for $100 to $500,cost,kid

Clip the tiniest nails without accidentally catching skin with this light and clipper combo.

Jul 18 08
for baby,less than $20

Bright, convenient and waterproof. Take it swimming, camping, biking or anywhere you need a light and two free hands.

Jul 16 08
for $20 to $50,him

Tweezers, meet light. Light, tweezers. This quality hardware solves your tiny little problems with ease.

Jul 10 08
for him,less than $20

Hi Mario. Where’s Luigi?

Jun 27 08
for $20 to $50,him

Dress up any room with these stylish switch plates.

Jun 9 08
for him,less than $20

Know exactly where you are at all times with this clever switch plate.

Jun 4 08
for him,less than $20

Lights up to warn you before your plants die of thirst.

Feb 28 08
for her,less than $20

This awesome little 7″ sculpture even lights up. You know you want one.

Feb 15 08
for $20 to $50,him

Powered by low wattage LEDs for interactive fun.

Jan 3 08
for $100 to $500,kid

Make ’em look twice.

Dec 11 07
for $20 to $50,him

A night light with a cover carved from your favorite photo. A unique personalized gift.

Dec 6 07
for $20 to $50,her,personalized