Neato Stuff

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Don’t get caught without a shopping bag. Keep one in your purse. They hold a ton and they are quite durable.

I rarely take note of hand soap. This one caught my attention. Made me want to wash again.

Beautifully simple. Three little words that can change someone’s day.

An amazing piece that will bring life to any space. A conversation piece most definitely. more

Super crazy comfortable. You will want a pair for every day.

Classic Chucks with a little update. Easy slip on style. Looks great with anything.

Chasing Slow is like sitting down with an old friend over a cup of tea. more

On the tube. On the go. Attached to a stroller. This bag is perfect for any outing. more

The most awesome combination of pen and marker. Note taking and letter writing just got a lot more fun.

Who wouldn’t swoon over a mini tape dispenser and mini stapler?! A perfect back to school gift.

Send an honest to goodness, put a stamp on it letter, right from your phone. Snail mail with flair.

When they inevitably lose their shoes at camp, now you have a chance of getting them back.

Packing is never quick and easy, but these cubes make it a little less painful, and you look super organized.

The most wonderful smelling soap. A welcome addition to any home.

All natural mascara that looks great and is not harmful to you. Win-Win!

Wonderful gameplay and subway-inspired graphics combine to make building your “mini” metro epic fun.

A beautiful keepsake. Engrave with a special date, the name of your song or a special place. She will love it.

No longer will you worry about running out of sandwich bags. This all in one lunchbox is a winner. Packing lunches just got a little more fun.

According to the Foods of England project in 1829: “These biscuits, when genuine, and taken regular by families, have the good property of keeping the body in a regular state, more

Take time for yourself with a little cream tea. A refreshing cup for your afternoon tea.

Wonderful lightweight, super comfortable shoes to get you across the finish line. Enjoy more long runs.